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Wachena had a warm personality & knows what she is doing. She uses a good amount of reflexology and seems to have the same knowledge of muscle tension as a personal trainer. Highly recommend!!!



I am a amateur eastern medicine man... After years of stomach problems, I learned hand acupuncture, yoga, foot massage, and micro current. Wachena is the best when u need to fix your body, or just relax. missing her from Florida.. Woo



The "before and after" difference was remarkable--Wachena unlocked tension at depths I didn't know I had. It made a huge difference in how long the effects of the massage lasted--days, as opposed to hours. Thank you!



Lower back pain.after spending over a year seeing pain management people, and physical therapist I finally thought to try a massage therapist. In 3 sessions Wachena has made me a new man. I wish I would have found her last year and saved myself all the pain and expense. She is a true professional at her job.



I was having serious insomnia due to a hectic schedule and the stress of my job. Upon being greeted by the warmest smile and laugh I ever heard. I received an awesome massage that I never wanted to end. Strong where it needed to be, soft at times too. I have never slept so well in my life!! From that day on, I saw Wachena at least 3x a month. This is one talented, sweet, caring woman. The only thing that took me away from our appointments was my job moving to another state. Definitely would recommend her for an awesome massage!



Definitely a new kind of massage for me, Wachena's Deep Tissue technique was unlike any massage I have had before. She really went after the knots, my legs felt great the following day on my bike ride.

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